Sammies in Costume? OH MY!

On the last Friday in October, HALLOWEEKEND, UVM FeelGood launched a venture once again to deliver sandwiches at night to members of the University of Vermont campus and surrounding downtown Burlington. For the first time, FG Late Night was headquartered in the centrally located Davis Center. Although special permission was needed in order to use the space at night, logistics were worth the extra work due to an overwhelming majority of orders being placed by on campus residents.

A limited menu was featured including a special sandwich! Customers were able to choose from ‘The Undead People Sandwich’ (the spooky version of the UPS cheese with pesto, pasta sauce, and garlic) or the specially featured Caramel Apple sandwich which includes apples, cinnamon, caramel and cheese, or a Plain Jane. We asked for the usual $4 donation per sandwich, but tips were accepted since the fresh, hot sandwiches were delivered to your door by a committed FeelGooder in costume! Over 100 sandwiches were sold and over $450 were raised for The Hunger Project!
Check out the awesome promo video for the first “Sammies in Costume!”


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An Inspiring Weekend

On Friday, October 12th, fifteen UVM FeelGooders headed south to New York City to attend the 2012 Hunger Summit. Over 60 FeelGooders from over 15 (of 27) chapters got together with FeelGood4Life members (alumni) and FeelGood World staff for what was an incredible, inspiring programming based on the theme of ‘Investing in the End of Hunger’ through a weekend of events.

The Hunger Summit started with a gathering of attendees to connect with other chapters and share each person’s FeelGood Love Story. Many changemakers told the story of how they became involved with FG, what initially made them stay and what makes them stay committed to living an inspired life. The evening ended in order for everyone to get back to the hotel and get to bed early, there was a lot planned for Saturday!

Saturday was full of happenings as a ton of FeelGooders met up early for breakfast and a discussion on why it is important to  Invest in World Hunger led by FGW. Shortly after, a long time investor of The Hunger Project came to speak with FG about why THP is different than other organizations, how she has seen that and what makes her continue partnering with THP year after year.

The group left the Teach For America offices (an incredible, functional space graciously lent to FG by TFA for the weekend programming!!) and headed to The Hunger Project’s Symposium. The  annual investors meeting was full of information. We heard from Dr. Nuné Mangasaryan, Senior Advisory for Infant and Young Nutrition at UNICEF, who spoke about the importance of adequate nutrition in the first 1,000 days from conception until a child is two years old. THP Country Directors from Bangladesh and Benin offered instances where THP is using this information to improve health in their countries. There was a major trend of speakers sharing how it is critical to have development strategies that are led by natives of the country in order to see long term success. THP Executive Vice President, John Coonrod, discussed the pressing 2015 Millennium Development Goals and the urgency of chronic, persistent hunger globally.

Our afternoon included a lecture from author of the book Sacred Economics, Charles Eisenstein. He spoke about how each individual has gifts that they offer the world and the problems our generations and future generations will face that have never been issues before. He was a captivating speaker and left us feeling refreshed to take on challenges as changemakers.

The group then headed to Chelsea Piers for The Hunger Project’s Fall Gala. The theme of this year’s annual event was ‘Making the Vision Real’ which really came to life when we heard the featured speakers. Sarmi Bai spoke proudly as an elected official in her country, India. Next we watched as a nurse from an epicenter in Uganda told us about the importance of maternal and infant care in Africa, via a video message. FeelGooders were all in for a surprise when the following speaker, Lorena Vazquez, country director for Mexico was introduced by the founder of FG, Kristin Walter. Each of the speakers motivated the audience to do all they can in order to help our human family reach their full potential. Dinner and dancing followed and it seemed as though all in attendance had an excellent time. The fall event was a success, as it raised over a million dollars for the sustainable end of world hunger.

(a group of FeelGooders from many chapters pose on the red carpet)

Marisa, Julia, Dory, Ali and Grace pose with Rahki (center) from Columbia University FG at the Gala

 UVM FeelGood President and Vice President, Chris Joy and Darcy Glenn, at the Gala

After a long night of dancing and impressing many THP investors with our dedication, FeelGooders  met up Sunday to discuss the importance in investing in changemakers with Kern from FGW. The way it works is that money is invested into FeelGood World, who then invests the money into FeelGood chapters, and in return each chapter produces funds to donate to FG partner organizations. If FeelGood was eliminated and the money went straight to partner organizations, a critical step in ending the world’s most pressing issues would be skipped- creating changemakers who engage in dialogues DAILY to raise awareness of partnership rather than charity, become leaders in their communities and learn to become entrepreneurs. For FeelGood each dollar raised is worth much more, it is worth a conversation, a new idea or a symbol of a generation’s new way of thinking.

For those who attended, many enjoyed connecting with members from other chapters and getting tips or sharing UVM FG’s best practices. Some members reconnected with FeelGooders they had met at other Peak Experiences like the Big Cheese Summer Training or last year’s Hunger Summit. Members were very impressed by THP’s plans for this year that were expressed at the symposium and that was their most memorable experience. The Gala was definitely an event to remember for most FeelGooders, especially the way FG is so highly regarded and other investors are so impressed by what college students are achieving for our partnership. The speakers for the FG Investing in World Hunger series also offered inspiration that each chapter can take back to their campus. In conclusion, the weekend provided inspiration, reassurance and nurtured the bond that all FeelGooders share. The Hunger Summit weekend was truly an incredible experience!

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Taking Marketing to the Next Level

UVM FeelGood launched a Facebook campaign known as ‘food porn’ at the beginning of October in order to get potential customers excited about our quality, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches! Public Relations chair John Gonzalez photographed each sandwich and the great pictures were shared all over Facebook. The sammies look absolutely delicious and social media gives us another chance to thank our generous donors!

Plain Jane

The perfect amount of Shelburne Farms Cheddar cheese pictured on toasty Klinger’s Bakery Maple Oat Walnut bread




Bella UPS

Bella Farm Pesto, Tomato Sauce, Garlic and Shelburne Farm’s Cheddar pictured on

Klinger’s Bakery Maple Oat Walnut bread



Cheesus ❤ Me

Spinach, Peppers, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Shelburne Farm’s cheddar pictured on hearty Red Hen Bakery bread




Cheese Louise

Vermont Apples, Honey Mustard, Cinnamon & Sugar and Shelburne Farm’s Cheddar pictured on hearty Red Hen Bakery bread



Be sure to check the rest of the photos out here! They are sure to leave you craving a hot, melty FeelGood sandwich and an end to world hunger!

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FG Bonding for a Great Cause

The First Annual Catamountain Classic took place on Saturday, September 29. The Catamountain Classic was organized with multiple student groups and the UVM Outing Club as an initiative to hike the entire Long Trail, all 273 miles, in one weekend. The trail was sectioned off and groups were assigned to different parts. The Classic was in honor of the late Avi Kurganoff, a UVM student and friend who greatly admired the outdoors as well as helping others, and raised money for a NOLS or Outward Bound scholarship for a Burlington youth in Avi’s memory. FeelGood members formed a team and were assigned the prime Vermont day hike, Camel’s Hump! Although it was a rainy day and the view wasn’t all that impressive, the Catamountain Classic was a great reason to get outside together, enjoy the Long Trail and honor a very important person in our community.

How perfect is this?

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Big Things Happening at UVM!

After raising over $22,000 for the end of world hunger last academic year, UVM FeelGood enthusiastically got to work this September with tons of new ideas, awesome new members and a goal to raise $28,600 this school year! In order to raise such an incredible amount of money for the sustainable end of world hunger, UVM FeelGood had to brainstorm a very long list of creative ideas to bring in customers and start up other fundraisers. On the list were multiple Change Raids all over the UVM campus (which is when FeelGooders go door to door in their residence buildings and collect spare change) and a weekly raffle, which has proven to bring in extra cash. In addition, UVM FeelGood wants to increase sandwich sales by partnering with other UVM clubs, catering for local groups or meetings, hosting promotional deli days at the kiosk (such as a buy one sammie, get one free event), and making kiosk operations as efficient as possible. A few advertising campaigns are also in the works to get the word out on campus that FeelGood is not just “that grilled cheese club” but rather a group of passionate optimists using grilled cheese as a platform to end world hunger in our lifetime!

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FeelGood Media!

We’ve been the focus for some new film projects recently! One of our members, Jen Signorella, decided to to a FeelGood documentary. Thanks to her hard work, dedication, and passion, she created an amazing film that highlights some behind-the-scenes work in deli operations, local partnerships,  Jamm’n footage, and current members:

We also had some students make an informational and promotional video for FeelGood for credit for a class project. They did an awesome job too! Check it out:

Peace, love, and cheese,


UVM FeelGood Historian/Reporter

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Bella Pesto Farm Visit

Lunch at Bella Pesto

Saturday, April 14th, FeelGooders were invited to visit the one of our food partner’s farms in Monkton, VT. Rachel and Pat from  Bella Pesto farm invited FeelGood volunteers to come have lunch and a tour of their farm. The group carpooled out to the farm and had a wonderful afternoon exploring where our local pesto comes from.  We love getting to know our food partners better because they show such amazing support for us throughout the year. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Bella Pesto for inviting us and engaging in our mission to end world hunger one grilled cheese at a time! (Also, their pesto is fantastic!)

Julia Elrath (secretary) was able to attend, and she shared her photos with me:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

FeelGooders – if you were able to visit the farm, leave a comment to share your experiences there! What was your favorite part of the afternoon? Do you want to visit more of our partners? What’s your favorite sammie with Bella Pesto?

Grilled cheese is best-o when it’s with pesto,


UVM FeelGood Historian/Reporter

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